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Who we are and how we do things

Lifelong football fans, draft nerds, fantasy geeks and straight shooters. We talk football in a way that has no bias and is understandable to the average fan but in depth enough for the super fan. We offer opinions rooted in film watching rather than the popular viewpoints. We will provide you with in depth articles with varying topics such as :

Around the League

Here we will talk game breakdowns and what we expect to happen. From potential X-Factors to upcoming duds, we will give whatever you need to prepare for the week ahead. We will also review players or plays that we deem impactful each week.

Tough Talks

Everyone has something they think about differently than another, we explore those here and we love doing it. Not only will these give you a new viewpoint on something you thought you knew, everything we produce will be rooted in some sort of evidence. We talk about things no one wants to admit.

Draft Talk

This is our passion. We pride ourselves on our draft analysis. Player Breakdowns, Position Rankings, Draft Grades, Mock Drafts and more can be found here. Everything you need to get the most out of draft season can be found here.

Fantasy FOotball

Everyone loves Fantasy Football, which means everyone loves good fantasy football advice! You will find rankings, start and sits, drafting do’s and dont’s here.